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In Praise of the Potato

Deliciously versatile, the potato can be exotic, elegant, plain or traditional. It marries perfectly with any number of herbs and spices and with very different results. It is comforting, cheap and ubiquitous: in Britain we now eat an average 242lb/110kg each per year. Its nutritional quantities have at last been acknowledged. And, not least of all, it is extremely tasty - as this host of recipes from all over the world shows.

Lindsey Bareham gives definitive versions of all the cooking methods - boil, steam, mash, roast, sauté, deep fry, bake and au gratin - and numerous unexpected variations on the themes. Then, turning to potato recipes, she offers a feast of appetisers, soups, salads, lunch, side and dinner dishes, ideas for using leftovers, stuffings, sauces, buns, cakes, bread and drinks. It is an exhaustive anthology ranging from time-honoured and nursery favourites to more esoteric, positively surprising foreign concoctions from such far-flung corners as the Lebanon and Tunisia, Thailand and Peru.

Among the collection are recipes directly form famous restaurants, adaptations of ones by such masters as Elizabeth David, Jane Grigson and the Roux brothers, and dishes using the more unusual strains of potato that are becoming every more readily available.

In Praise of the Potato grew out of Lindsey Bareham's work as a restaurant critic, which brought home to her the astonishing adaptability of this staple vegetable. Full of information about the history, folklore, buying, storage and different varieties of potato, this delightfully lively book truly has something for everyone.

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