Fritatta with Spinach, Black Olives and Ragstone

When all else fails, it is hard to beat An Omelette and a Glass of Wine (great book title Elizabeth David). The combination for this one grew out of a yellow sticky that’s been on my computer from a River Café newsletter. Braised spinach with black olives and garlic became blanched spinach, black olives and creamy Ragstone goat cheese. It’s a big thick omelette that sets over direct heat and then finished under the grill. Very good on its own, it is even better with frites (the M&S ones in a box cook in 8 minutes and stack nicely in the freezer).

Serves 2

Prep: 15 min

Cook: 15 min

240g baby spinach

15 pitted black olives (I like Crespo in a carton)

8 eggs

100g Ragstone or other firm goat cheese

knob of butter

scant 1 tbsp olive oil

     Place the spinach (mine came washed) in a mixing bowl and cover with a full kettle of boiling water. Leave for a couple of minutes to wilt, then drain in a colander and leave to cool slightly before squeezing out excess water (Marigolds helps here), then pat dry with kitchen towel. Slice through the spinach a few times. Slice the olive in 3 rounds. Crack the eggs into a mixing bowl and whisk to mix. Add spinach and black olives and cut pieces of cheese over the top (I bothered to remove the skin/bloom but I’m a fuss pot and wanted it to be able to melt unhindered by it). Mix with a wooden spoon. Heat the overhead grill. Melt the butter in the oil over a medium heat, swirling it round the sides of the pan. Add the omelette mix and watch as it forms a white edge and is thus setting at the base. Place the pan about 6cm from the heat base and watch like a hawk as the eggs puff, browning lightly at the edge, the centre still a tad wobbly. This takes minutes. Serve cut in wedges before it sets hard (unless that’s how you like your omelettes).