Miso Fish Soup

One of my favourite standbys for quick, flexible, healthy snack lunches is Itsu miso-easy soup sachets. They come in sets of five and one is enough, diluted with a mug of boiling water with almost anything you care to add to it. I’ve tried tofu, leftover chicken, leftover peas and carrots, chopped green beans, diced courgette, even rice. The other day I happened to have the tail end of a huge fillet of hake and decided to add that. My it was good. There is a chilli-seasoned version of the sachets I prefer the plain version (less salty) but added a dash of sweet chilli sauce to cheer things up and couldn’t believe how good it was. Here’s the recipe but if you are a leftover queen like me, anything goes.

Serves 1

Prep: 10 min

Cook: 3 min

1 sachet Itsu miso-easy soup

1 fillet hake, cod or other firm, white fish

100g boiled petits pois

1 boiled, sliced slim carrot

handful of coriander

dash of Thai sweet chilli sauce

     Boil the kettle, measure off 200ml boiling water into a small saucepan. Cut the skinned fish into kebab-size dice following the lines of the fillet. Drop the peas and carrot into the pan and return to simmer. Add the fish and simmer very gently while you chop the coriander. Once the fish has turned white and firmed – a couple of minutes max, add the coriander and chilli. Pour into your bowl and devour.