Spinach, Leek and Potato Soup with Feta

This soup is incredibly easy to make and very healthy. Merely slice and rinse the leeks, peel and dice the potato and cook together in 1.4 litre salted water, covered. When tender, after about 10 mins, add 125g spinach. I used a bunch of proper spinach with stalks but any will do; frozen not recommended. Blitz, season with salt and serve with a crumble of feta. It hardly needs a recipe but here is one.

Serves 4
Prep: 20 min
Cook: 20 min

300g trimmed leeks
300g potatoes
1.4kg water
1 chicken stock cube
125g bunch spinach
large knob of butter
50g Greek feta cheese

Slice the leeks, white and green, agitate in a bowl of water to remove any grit. Drain. Peel, chunk and rinse the potatoes.  Boil, covered, in 1.4kg salted water for about 10 minutes until both are soft. Add the crumbled stock cube and washed spinach, coarsely chopping any stalks. Cook, uncovered, squashing the spinach down under the water until wilted. Liquidize very thoroughly, so leeks and spinach stalks break down. Season to taste with salt, adding the butter. Serve with a crumble of feta; this soup, like so many, improves if left over night. That might not be possible.